Story of a Scam Manny Hernandez

By | 25th October 2015

This is a story of Manny Hernandez:

A Scam, Cyber-Terrorist and DDOSer



A long long time ago: 23 August 2014

Manny creates a bot to generate fake leads and sells it on warrior forum with a name “Solo Ads Clicks Magnet”.



26 September 2014

Paul De Sousa uncovers Manny’s scam scheme and in his post on Facebook and uncovers a massive ring of fake traffic sellers whose traffic originated from Manny.


30 September 2014

Someone sends a huge ddos to Paul De Sousa’s servers, home ip and rotators, crippling his business.


Almost a Year Later…

25 May 2015

Jeff P. sent a report about scam Manny Hernandez to RipOffReport site and says about bots, fake names and zero sales


14 September 2015

Manny starts to sell his crap on Udimi…big mistake for him.

Right off the bat he uses his usual bot traffic scheme, but it is not able to cheat Udimi filters.



21 September 2015 – 16 October 2015

On 21 September 2015 Manny gets a limitation on his seller module by Udimi.

After that Manny sends tickets threatening Udimi to pay for his fake bot traffic.


17 October 2015

Udimi sends Manny to permanent ban. Manny sends the last message:


He indicated in his message that he wants to crush Udimi. Two hours after this message, a massive DDoS attack on Udimi begins.


Udimi server gets overwhelmed with bots and server becomes unaccessible. Nobody is able to use the service.


19 October 2015

Udimi is back online on DDoS protected host. Manny makes 22 new DDoS attacks attempting to get Udimi offline. Zero result


21 October 2015

Dion Bentley tells the truth about thief Manny Hernandez on Udimi forum… Few hours later very heavy DDoS attack starts, but again with zero result. Manny thought that heavy attack will crush the server, but he was wrong.


23 October 2015

Manny posts a video on YouTube, trying to clean his dirty reputation. The video instantly gets tons of dislikes.

People startin to post comments, about Manny’s fraudulent activity. Manny deletes all negative comments and disables commenting.



23 October 2015

Uncle Dimitry sends a claim to FBI about Manny to investigate his fraudulent and terroristic activity



24 October 2015

Manny uses another account at Udimi to act, like a “friend of Manny” Christopher L Hardin to use scarcity tactics on Udimi forum.

Uncle Dimitry catches him right on the spot by IP info from both account’s logins (Manny didn’t expect Udimi logs this stuff)

Manny logins


“Christopher” logins


Notice numerous logins from the same IP for both account:

The same IP on both accounts earlier. For new visits, under new name, Manny changed IP, naively thinking Udimi won’t catch him.



24 October 2015

Paul De Sousa posts a video with proof about a scam Manny Hernandez.

Video gets many comments from people, who report the same: bots, suspiciously high optin rate and no sales








25 October 2015

Manny gets banned from SoloAdsX


more bans to follow…


26 October 2015

Manny gets banned from SoloChecker